About Our Association

The Ankara Whiskey Tasting Association was founded with the idea of creating a platform where individuals who enjoy both whiskey and discussions about it would realize that whiskey is not the only common interest they share. As a result, the association aims to bring together people who appreciate literature, visual and auditory arts, alongside their enjoyment of whiskey, fostering cultural conversations. In this context, the association can be defined as an environment reminiscent of the “gentlemen’s club” style from 18th century Britain.

Enhancing a conversation with a particular brand and enriching it with another brand is inevitable. Each brand, of course, represents its own taste and character.

Our association serves as a social platform where those who possess knowledge about world whiskies and have experience in whiskey tasting can gather with individuals who seek to gain knowledge in these areas or further develop their expertise. It enables the sharing of experiences and information while ensuring the enjoyment of all participants. Within this framework, our association aims to participate in domestic and international whiskey tasting events, organize such activities, and arrange promotional campaigns, meetings, events, and workshops through written and visual media, as well as online platforms.



Etkinlik bilgisine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz

Etkinlik bilgisine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz

Etkinlik bilgisine buradan ulaşabilirsiniz





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